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The 2020 FIA European Rally Championship is the ultimate training ground for young hopefuls aiming for the top. Providing a clear path of progression from national level to the world stage, the oldest international rally series in existence is also open to all-comers, meaning age is no barrier to competing.

The ERC in short:

*International rallying at an accessible price spread over nine months

*Opportunity to win rallies outright and benefit from resulting publicity

*Platform of progression: from national level to the WRC via the ERC

*Proven track record of developing future WRC factory drivers

*Chance for drivers to build experience on gravel and Tarmac

*Rallies between 200-220 kilometres in length, some night stages

*Entry fees capped for ERC1 Junior and ERC3 Junior competitors

*Cars run by independent teams and privateers, not factory squads

*Expert organisation and promotion (including TV) from Eurosport Events

*Administration and management by the FIA Rally Department

*Testing organised ahead of each round

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