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TCR Italy (Touring Car Championship) 2018 will be organized over a seven-stages season, all on a double 25 minutes + 1 lap race. Free stages and official stages will be on a single round, respectively 40 and 20 minutes long. The best time in official stages will determine the position in grid 1, while the order of arrival in race 1 will determine the starting grid in race 2, with the first eight positions in reverse order.
Several national titles to be won. Besides the Italian Champion one reserved to drivers, the TCR Italy Under 25 National Trophy and the TCR Italy Team/Manufacturer National Trophy, this season sees the introduction of the TCR Italy DSG National Trophy and the TCR Italy AM Constructors National Trophy, reserved to non-priority drivers.
The cars admitted to the series must comply with the safety requirements and international TCR regulations, and in addition, will see the application of the Balance of Performance. Confirmed also this year, the weight handicaps will be assigned to every Team and/or Driver classified in the first three places of the the previous stage’s Standings (30 Kg to the first one, 20 Kg to the second and 10 Kg to the third), as a result of the sum of the total score achieved in Race 1 and Race 2.
For Titles assignment, the top ten positions of the race will get scores, counted for the best 12 results. One more point will be assigned to the driver with best time in Free Stages and one point to the one who achieves the fastest lap in the Race.


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