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World Rally Championship

BRC’s commitments for 2018 include the participation to 2 ERC races and 7 WRC2 races.

The WRC 2 championship is open to powerful four-wheel drive cars that fall in the RC2 class of the technical regulations. The newest and most powerful generation of RC2 cars follow the FIA’s R5 regulations. However, the RC2 regulations are flexible and incorporate other sub-categories, making cars of varying engine types and dimensions eligible.
Power and performance are balanced through air restrictors, minimum weight stipulations and price caps.
The WRC2 is Open to built to one of the following technical regulations: Group R5, Group S2000, Group Regional Rally Cars, Group R4.

Contested over eight events from March to October, the ERC schedule has been structured in response to calls from drivers and teams who were keen to cap their number of competitive outings at between six and eight events. The calendar includes three rallies on asphalt and five on gravel (three on each surface for ERC Junior Under 27 and ERC Junior Under 28). And in a further cost-cutting measure, drivers chasing overall honours count their best six scores only.


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