BRC Racing Team: another victory at TCR

BRC Racing Team: another victory at TCR

Gabriele Tarquini succeeds in Adria  weekend

After the great victory at China’s debut race in International Series, Hyundai i30 N TCR confirmed its potential in the TCR Europe Trophy races at Adria, where it conquered another great achievement, thanks to Gabriele Tarquini.

In the continental event that took place on October 28th and 29th, Tarquini also gets the Hyundai’s project first pole position, another demonstration of i30 N TCR’s qualities in comparison with its main competitors.

Although the vehicle is not yet eligable for points, since it is provided with a temporary certification. However the car which ran at the Adria International Raceway had the same configuration that will be offered to clients in 2018.

The vehicle, managed by BRC Racing Team, was among the fastest of the entire weekend, starting from free trials, setting the best absolute time in official qualifications, despite the extreme Balance of Performance assigned to the i30 N TCR.


In Race 1, Tarquini was in the middle of a strong fight for leadership. Despite dropping to second place due to the additional weight given to the car, Tarquini managed to beat his adversaries, running the fastest lap. However, the design of the circuit made overtaking pretty hard, and Hyundai’s driver must settle for the runner-up  position.

Race 2  promised  a great challenge. Tarquini, started  from the fifth row due to the starting order inversion, recovered important positions and took the lead in the first half of the race. The driver’s action is steady, and after the great debut in China, comes another important and significant victory.


Gabriele Tarquini declares: “It’s been a tough weekend, but this makes the result even more satisfying. BoP was a big hindrance, but the pole position, the second place and then the victory demonstrate how exceptional i30 N’s configuration is. Now we have one more race to show what this car is capable of, before its delivery to the clients.”

Gabriele Tarquini will get on board of i30 N TCR again on Dubai racetrack, on November 17th and 18th, along with Swiss driver Alain Menu, for the last two TCR International Series’ races.


TCR Europe - Race 1 – Final Standings

1. Files Josh 20 Laps in 27:10.940

2. Tarquini Gabriele at 1.980 TCR Hyundai – BRC Racing Team

3. Altoè Giacomo at 2.495 TCR Honda

4. Comte Aurélien at 28.785 TCR Peugeot

5. Buri Antti at 31.460 TCR Audi

6. Potty Maxime at  31.951 TCR Volkswagen

7. Thoma Florian at 34.575 TCR Volkswagen

8. Altoè Giovanni at 36.743 DSG Volkswagen

9. Ferrara Luigi at 42.058 TCR Alfa Romeo

10. Pelatti Sandro at 46.153 DSG Volkswagen

11. Dionisio Ermanno a 56.837 DSG Audi

12. Kralev Plamen a 1:04.471 TCR Audi

13. Tolkachev Lev at 1:08.532 DSG Seat

14. Kangas Olli at 1:13.118 Seat

15. Grigoriev Denis at 1:19.536 DSG Seat

16. Abreu Francisco at 1 Lap TCR Volkswagen

17. Capellari Daniele at 2 Laps DSG Seat

18. Engstler Luca at 3 Laps TCR Volkswagen

NQ: Giacon Kevin


TCR Europe – Race 2 – Final Standings

1. Tarquini Gabriele 20 Laps in 27:33.997 TCR Hyundai BRC Racing Team

2 Comte Aurélien at 1.792 1TCR Peugeot

3 Altoè Giacomo at 2.178 TCR Honda

4 Potty Maxime at 3.875 TCR Volkswagen

5 Thoma Florian at 7.659 TCR Volkswagen

6 Ferrara Luigi at 8.481 TCR Alfa Romeo

7 Files Josh at 9.547 TCR Honda

8 Abreu Francisco at 13.989 TCR Volkswagen

9 Engstler Luca at 16.196 TCR Volkswagen

10 Altoè Giovanni at 17.591 DSG Volkswagen

11 Pelatti Sandro at 29.960 DSG Volkswagen

12 Dionisio Ermanno at 30.238 DSG Audi

13 Tolkachev Lev at 38.608 DSG Seat

14 Grigoriev Denis at 43.691 DSG Seat

15 Kangas Olli at 46.233 TCR Seat

16 Capellari Daniele at 49.654 DSG Seat

17 Kralev Plamen at 3 Laps TCR Audi

NQ: Giacon Kevin, Buri Antti