BRC Racing Team: a good first take

BRC Racing Team: a good first take

Victory at the debut in TCR International Series

7th and 8th October 2017 has been a memorable weekend for BRC Racing Team and Hyundai Motorsport.

On the occasion of the ninth appointment of the TCR International Series, competing at the Zhejiang Circuit (China), Hyundai i30 N TCR at its debut in an official competition, scored a fantastic success with Gabriele Tarquini.

The Hyundai Motorsport built car was also the fastest at qualifying stages, demonstrating, from the very beginning, its high level of performance and reliability compared to similar models involved in the race.

On the weekend of the Chinese race, the team’s drivers, Gabriele Tarquini and Alain Menu, were the only ones to stop the chronometer under 1’33”, but for regulation reasons due to the new car’s temporary homologation, they were  forced to start from 13th and 14th positions.

Despite this drawback, Gabriele Tarquini was superb, and after only 10 laps he managed to take the lead in race 1, fulfilling a great victory on the debut, only seven months after the first on-circuit trial. Alain Menu had to deal with a drive-through for a collision at the very beginning of the race, and after he entered the first six positions, he ended the race in 12th place.

In Race 2, the two Hyundai i30 N TCR, with an additional 40 kilos weight and engine powered reduced by 5% due to balance of performance, made a clean and safe race, ending at 4th and 6th final places and highlighting their pace and reliability.

A great success and a further achievement for BRC Racing Team, who took part in Hyundai i30 N TCR development project with Hyundai Motorsport technicians and deployed the racing cars.

Massimiliano Fissore, BRC General Manager, declares: “It has been an historic weekend for BRC Racing Team and Hyundai Motorsport. They have developed a very strong package for TCR competition, which showed in the results the drivers were able to take from the races. Hyundai Motorsport’s efforts in designing and building the car have been rewarded with success. The team continue to demonstrate its high level of skills and technical knowledge in the management of any kind of sport project, from rally to circuit. I would like to thank Hyundai Motorsport for the given trust and compliment Andrea Adamo, Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing Team Manager, and all his staff, for the professionalism and accuracy shown in the project management, matured in a few months of intense work. Next month, we will be organizing on-circuit test days to make Hyundai i30 TCR's characteristics known to drivers who will choose the performing Korean car for their next competitive season.”

BRC Racing Team will return at TCR International Series with the Hyundai i30 N TCR during the last weekend of the championship, scheduled November 17th and 18th in Dubai.


Race 1

1. Gabriele Tarquini             BRC Racing Team 19 laps in 30:15.966

2. Jean-Karl Vernay               Leopard Racing Team WRT at 1.626

3. Rob Huff                             Leopard Racing Team WRT at 1.970

4. Gianni Morbidelli                West Coast Racing at 3.016

5. Pepe Oriola                        Lukoil Craft-Bamboo Racing at 7.035

6. Frederic Vervisch               Comtoyou Racing at 11.787

7. Roberto Colciago               M1RA at 15.380

8. Davit Kajaia                        GE-Force at 16.972

9. James Nash                       Lukoil Craft-Bamboo Racing at 19.028

10. Aurelien Panis                  Boutsen Ginion Racing at 19.679

11. Attila Tassi                        M1RA at  20.201

12. Alain Menu                      BRC Racing Team at 20.983

13. Stefano Comini                Comtoyou Racing at 29.285

14. Zhendong Zhang             ZzZ Team at 42.452

15. Rafael Galiana                 West Coast Racing at 50.245

16. Tengyi Jiang                     ZzZ Team at 1:01.357

17. Duncan Ende                   Icarus Motorsports at 1:01.735

NC Mat'o Homola, Dusan Borkovic, Daniel Lloyd, Denis Dupont


Race 2

1. Rob Huff                              Leopard Racing Team WRT 19 laps in 30:23.840

2. Gianni Morbidelli                 West Coast Racing at 2.403

3. James Nash                        Lukoil Craft-Bamboo Racing at 3.511

4. Alain Menu                         BRC Racing Team at 23.435

5. Pepe Oriola                         Lukoil Craft-Bamboo Racing at 24.206

6. Gabriele Tarquini               BRC Racing Team at 24.668

7. Zhendong Zhang                 ZzZ Team at 25.442

8. Roberto Colciago                M1RA at 26.902

9. Attila Tassi                           M1RA at 36.852

10. Rafael Galiana                  West Coast Racing at 50.687

11. Duncan Ende                    Icarus Motorsports at 1:09.015

12. Jean-Karl Vernay              Leopard Racing Team WRT at 1 lap

13. Aurelien Panis                  Boutsen Ginion Racing at 4 laps

NC. Frederic Vervisch, Tengyi Jiang, Stefano Comini, Davit Kajaia, Mat'o Homola, Daniel Lloyd, Denis Dupont, Dusan Borkovic